WOrkshops and Continuing Ed

Yoga Alliance CE Approved Workshops

Study and learn anytime, anywhere, with our exciting online workshops. At completion, submit your certificate to Yoga Alliance for Continuing Education credit. Not a member of Yoga Alliance?–No worries. Feel free to take any of our workshops. All are welcome here.

Childs Pose YTT
Workshop - Understanding Variations

Understand your options in creating and offering variations for poses. For yourself, for your students.

Yoga Nidra Workshop
Workshop - Yoga Nidra

Also called Yogic Sleep, this technique provides deep relaxation. Experience it, and learn to teach it.

The Bandhas Workshop
Workshop - The 3 Bandhas

Mula, Jalandhara, and Uddiyana. Activate these energetic locks, and learn to teach them.

Workshop - Warrior Series

Learn the series at a deeper level, and learn the best strategies for teaching it to your students.

Assisting Students YTT Workshop
Workshop - Assisting Students

Assisting students is an art and a skill. Learn best practices, and the difference between assisting and adjusting.

Core Power Workshop YTT
Workshop - Core Power

Take your yoga practice to a new level by learning to incorporate power moves and isometric holds.

Yoga and pregnancy
Workshop - Yoga and Pregnancy

Learn best practices for welcoming pregnant women to class, and how to create appropriate sequences and variations.

Introduction to Yoga
Workshop - Introduction to Yoga & Meditation

Learn the basics of yoga, meditation, and breathwork, and how to teach them. Great refresher course!

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