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Frequently Asked Questions about Teacher Training:

The Online Teacher Training Program takes as long as you need. Each individual, depending on their lifestyle, will determine the amount of time it takes to complete the program and become certified. Your training begins as soon as you sign up. The average time is about 3-5 months. Some people have more time and can complete the training in 2-3 months. Other people may need 6-12 months or more due to work, family, home-schooling, etc. You work at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Yes! You will be able to teach Yoga Classes for All Levels, Meditation, Mindfulness, Breathing Techniques, Relaxation Techniques and so much more.

The American Yoga Academy Training Program incorporates an entire section to the Business of Yoga and teaching Yoga in every field you can imagine… from Schools, to Corporations, to Health Clubs, Fitness Studios, Cruises, Retreats and more.

The American Yoga Academy is known for its unique blend of Yoga, Meditation and Eastern philosophies. Much like the eclectic mix of so many different cultures in America, The American Yoga Academy is a melting pot of the all the various styles of Yoga.

We incorporate the philosophy of Yoga into each class and teach people to live their Yoga on and off the mat.  The classes are a combination of fluid movement, breathing and relaxation which create strength, flexibility, and balance. It is a beautiful flow of many different postures offering variations for all levels.

All of our instructors incorporate their own uniqueness into each class… always making it fun and informative. This style is for everyone whether you’ve been practicing Yoga for many years or if this is your first experience.

Hatha yoga is the physical aspect of yoga.  There are many different styles of Hatha yoga coming from different teachers and different parts of India.  Yoga is a beautiful philosophy that incorporates relaxation, movement, meditation, social and personal behavior, nutrition, and a way of living in union of mind, body and spirit.

It does not matter how long you have been practicing yoga. The American Yoga Academy Teacher Training School is for everyone, whether you have been practicing yoga for many years or it is your first experience and you are new to yoga… All are welcome!

It is not about the shape or size of your body, or how flexible you are… Yoga is for everyone.

This teacher training is more than a course.  It is an experience.  You will learn more than just how to teach a Hatha yoga class.  You will learn about living yoga on and off the mat, as well as teaching students how to live yoga on and off the mat.  Claire encourages students to be creative.  The American Yoga Academy provides a wonderful template for learning and then encourages the individual student’s own creativity to flow.

The training also teaches students how to do workshops and lectures on yoga.  Claire is a professor of Asian Studies teaching a 3-credit course called Zen and Yoga: the Art of Living at Seton Hall University, one of the most popular courses on campus.  This class is also open to all the yoga teachers in training.  It is an incredible experience.

NO! Age does not matter, if your interest is there, you can teach yoga.  The American Yoga Academy has trained everyone from 15-year olds to an 87-year old, and all ages in between!

Yoga Alliance is an international organization which has created a standard for yoga teachers and yoga schools.  It is important to look into schools that are registered with Yoga Alliance to be assured you receive a thorough training.   For more information, visit the Yoga Alliance website at
Yes! We were actually one of the first schools to be approved by the Yoga Alliance and have a wonderful relationship with them.  Once you graduate you are eligible to join the Yoga Alliance (recognized internationally) – we teach you how to go through this process and are here to help you along the way!

You will receive The American Yoga Academy beautiful and durable canvas bag which includes:

  • The American Yoga Academy Teacher Training Manual written by Claire Diab which is an informative, in-depth and detailed guide to your yoga teacher training journey.
  • Breathe… Move… Meditate Workbook by Claire Diab which includes Breathing Techniques, Meditation Instruction, Chair Yoga for corporations, seniors, and schools, Yoga Sequences with Photos, and More!
  • The American Yoga Academy Teacher Script by Claire Diab of a 60 minute yoga class, which includes word by word, detailed descriptions for teaching Yoga for Everyone and Welcoming all Levels.

You also gain access to our Exclusive Online Teacher Portal where you can view The A.Y.A. Yoga Teacher Training Manual, Breathe… Move… Meditate Workbook, 7 DVDs, Extra Videos, Assignments, Schedules, Handouts and All Course Lecture Recordings easily accessible on your Phone, Tablet and Computer.

Miss a Class? We record the Lectures and Workshops  for you to study, review, and practice on our Exclusive Online Teacher Portal.

The American Yoga Academy Teacher Training Certification 200 Hours come from:

  • AYA Yoga Teacher Training Days
  • AYA Yoga and Meditation Classes (On and Off Site)
  • AYA DVDs and Videos
  • AYA Recorded Lectures and Classes
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Workshop Paper Preparation Time
  • Study and Research Time
  • Practice Teaching Family and Friends