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“Claire Diab has been teaching the Chopra Yoga program for several years. She is also in charge of the training program and over the years has refined her yoga teaching so it is easily accessible to all. These programs will help you develop mind body coordination and ease you into the experience of yoga in the most appropriate way. Good Luck.”
Dr. Deepak Chopra, Chopra Center for Wellbeing
Thank you so much for all of your wisdom. So much of what you shared with us and taught us has stood the test of time with me in my business and practice. Your guidance about the business side of yoga was profound in my being able to preserve and strengthen my business. Thank you for making us aware as teachers of the confidence you build in us during our training. Your training has served me well!
With gratitude and Namaste
Donna Kocian
I have practiced yoga on and off for many years. Claire’s wisdom and nurturing style inspired me to not only continue my practice, but I became certified to teach yoga as well. She is so inspirational and fun to learn from. Her warmth and experience make her a wonderful teacher. She is full of love and light and makes the world a better place.
Karin K
For me, [The American Yoga Academy Teacher Training Course] has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery which has opened another chapter in my life…I appreciate all that was brought to the classes, and for the inspiration and creativity that unfolded before us. Yesterday and today, I spent time in reflection of everything we have learned and realized just how much Claire and our other instructors gave us. This experience has helped me beyond what I am even capable of understanding now.
Melissa Peretz
“Claire was terrific in teaching our last class today. It was really great being a part of [The American Yoga Academy’s Teacher Training] course. It was superb.”
Joyce Brown