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“Claire Diab has been teaching the Chopra Yoga program for several years. She is also in charge of the training program and over the years has refined her yoga teaching so it is easily accessible to all. These programs will help you develop mind body coordination and ease you into the experience of yoga in the most appropriate way. Good Luck.”

Dr. Deepak Chopra, Chopra Center for Wellbeing

Thank you so much for all of your wisdom. So much of what you shared with us and taught us has stood the test of time with me in my business and practice. Your guidance about the business side of yoga was profound in my being able to preserve and strengthen my business. Thank you for making us aware as teachers of the confidence you build in us during our training. Your training has served me well!
With gratitude and Namaste

Donna Kocian
I have practiced yoga on and off for many years. Claire’s wisdom and nurturing style inspired me to not only continue my practice, but I became certified to teach yoga as well. She is so inspirational and fun to learn from. Her warmth and experience make her a wonderful teacher. She is full of love and light and makes the world a better place.
Karin K
For me, [The American Yoga Academy Teacher Training Course] has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery which has opened another chapter in my life…I appreciate all that was brought to the classes, and for the inspiration and creativity that unfolded before us. Yesterday and today, I spent time in reflection of everything we have learned and realized just how much Claire and our other instructors gave us. This experience has helped me beyond what I am even capable of understanding now.
Melissa Peretz
“Claire was terrific in teaching our last class today. It was really great being a part of [The American Yoga Academy’s Teacher Training] course. It was superb.”
Joyce Brown

I loved my time at The American Yoga Academy, an incredibly beautiful studio with a wonderful staff! The program was filled with trustworthy information and taught in the most professional way. I can remember being so happy to come to class and learn. A day at The AYA started with a beautiful yoga flow, followed by a meditation session and lecture by Claire Diab, the primary lead educator and founder of The AYA, a true expert in her field. Afterwards we would all have lunch and then have another fun and informative lecture partnered with lots of hands-on-teaching. The days went by fast and I never felt rushed. Each day I left feeling more and more confident in my teaching skills and more knowledgeable in the fields of yoga, anatomy and physiology, meditation, and teaching. The American Yoga Academy has trained me to be a safe, professional, and well-informed yoga instructor, and health and wellness educator. I am convinced that the AYA has the best yoga teacher training program in the world, and I feel so grateful to have trained there.

Daniel Wikstrom

I highly recommend the American Yoga Academy as it is a very nurturing place of learning. Claire focuses on a holistic approach to teacher training aligned to Yoga philosophy, addressing the mind, body and spirit. I’ve been in public Health for over thirty years and have chosen Claire’s training program as it aligns with my philosophy to wellbeing as a holistic approach to health where mind, body and spirit play equal and complementary roles to health and interconnectedness . As I begin my Yoga journey armed with the 200 hour training, I am confident that I shall return to the American Yoga Academy for my 500 hour training as well as the many workshops that are on offer by colleagues who are themselves America Yoga Academy Alumni. A great place to learn, grow and be part of a caring community. Thank you Claire 🙂

Jenan Al-Atrash

Claire Diab is a seasoned and knowledgeable instructor who delivers a consistent teaching practice to student teachers in training. While Claire is profoundly knowledgeable in all aspects of Yoga and all forms of the physical and meditative practice, her strength and gift lies in connecting with students to make sure that their individual practice will inform their future teaching style. Claire is dedicated to her students, to her school and to supporting the yoga community at large.

Kim Bush

The American Yoga Academy teaches a thorough yoga curriculum that includes chakra toning and towel covering at savasana that is unique to their studio. I am confident as a graduate of The American Yoga Academy to teach yoga to all who wants to learn. Their lead educators are highly skilled in the art of teaching yoga. The staff are very helpful and friendly. The studio is extremely clean and inviting to the senses with essential oils of orange and peppermint. I highly recommend The American Yoga Academy to anyone who wants to take the journey of yoga to another level in becoming a trained professional on this ancient philosophy of the union of mind, body and spirit!

Amanda Kahn

I am currently in The American Yoga Academy Teacher Training Program. It has been the most wonderful experience.

The curriculum is amazing and easy to apply to my daily life and practice. All the lectures and workshops are recorded for me to review, study and practice.

The staff is not only professional, they are above and beyond my greatest expectations. I look forward to come here.

I highly recommend this training program to everyone. All are welcome at The American Yoga Academy. It is a beautiful space to learn in and the people are from all walks of life and professions.

I am in my 40s and feel so comfortable being here as it is the average age of students.

Everyone is so friendly!!

If you are thinking about doing a yoga teacher training, this is absolutely the best around. Claire has been training yoga teachers for over 27 years and IT SHOWS.

Justyna Dziekanska, 2019 AYA YTT