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This has been an amazing journey and 4 months. I have learned so much, I have grown so much and accomplished something I never thought possible. That is all in thanks to you, Claire, your wonderful Support Team, and your informative and comprehensive Online Program. It is truly a gift. Thank you. I am so grateful that my path lead to you, Claire and the Team.

Sabrina Oliva

I highly recommend the American Yoga Academy as it is a very nurturing place of learning. Claire focuses on a holistic approach to teacher training aligned to Yoga philosophy, addressing the mind, body and spirit. I’ve been in public Health for over thirty years and have chosen Claire’s training program as it aligns with my philosophy to wellbeing as a holistic approach to health where mind, body and spirit play equal and complementary roles to health and interconnectedness . As I begin my Yoga journey armed with the 200 hour training, I am confident that I shall return to the American Yoga Academy for my 500 hour training as well as the many workshops that are on offer by colleagues who are themselves America Yoga Academy Alumni. A great place to learn, grow and be part of a caring community.

Jenan Al-Atrash

Thank you. My life is being profoundly affected by this class and people I have come in contact with. I am deeply grateful.

Mary Ann Walker

Claire Diab is a seasoned and knowledgeable instructor who delivers a consistent teaching practice to student teachers in training. While Claire is profoundly knowledgeable in all aspects of Yoga and all forms of the physical and meditative practice, her strength and gift lies in connecting with students to make sure that their individual practice will inform their future teaching style. Claire is dedicated to her students, to her school and to supporting the yoga community at large.

Kim Bassan

As part of taking on this journey to complete my certification with credentials to serve as a Yoga teacher through the American Yoga Academy, I came to many realizations during the considerations of taking on this journey and passing through the demands at this point in my mature life. In great part, Claire Diab, my inspirational mentor, enabled me to create not only an itinerary for learning, but, provided for me “a proverbial life plan” to enhance and heighten my personal sense of being. In approaching the detailed study of Yoga, I understood the words that, “Yoga is not about the shape of your body….it is about the shape of your life. And….this journey-ing…enabled my finding my literal and figurative breath. For me, that is, in great part, what Yoga becomes. I have become Yoga and Yoga has become ME. Thank you Claire and The American Yoga Academy.

Marjorie Feinstein

I followed a private, 1:1 training with Claire Diab of The American Yoga Academy. It was an exciting, educational journey and I learned much more than I thought I would. Claire puts so much effort into teaching how to be an excellent yoga instructor. The work on asanas, benefits and alignment is all there, but the guidance and instruction on how to be an outstanding instructor and a good yogi on and off the mat is what I treasured. These are things that cannot be easily learned from books. Claire’s attention to detail is incredible and her feedback and coaching are indispensable. The 1:1 live FaceTime sessions worked well to run through the instruction manual and other learning materials, and the final certification week filled in any gaps with yoga classes and dedicated in-person time. I’m looking forward to putting what I’ve learned into practice and continuing with more learning.

Ginny Dwyer

American Yoga Academy was an amazing experience. The entire facility is beautiful, well planned and spacious. The entire teaching staff is totally professional, kind, friendly and so knowledgable in their yogic specialties. This school has over 25 years experience in teaching new teachers and I will recommend AYA to everyone in the future! I would also go back to continue my education for my 500 hour.

Ed Parma

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