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All Inclusive Online Teacher Portal for You to 

Learn, Study, and Practice at Home

Private Teacher Training

Spring-Fall 2020 Private Teacher Training

This Training is for Individuals or Small Groups

Designed in a time frame that is personalized for you and/or your group from a location of your choice, Nationally or Internationally

Utilizing our Exclusive Online Teacher Portal for your Review, Study and Practice before, during and after Training

All are Welcome!

If you are interested in a Private Yoga Teacher Training Program with a Curriculum Specially Designed to meet your needs,

Please call or email to schedule a meeting using FaceTime or Skype. || 973.731.9960

* Payment Plans are Subject to an Administrative Fee. * Early Registration Discount does not apply to payment plans. Must be paid in full.* 

* All Payments Made to The American Yoga Academy are Non-Refundable.* 

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