The Dog Days of Summer

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The "Dog Days" of Summer are upon us - from Mid-July through August we will be feeling some of the Hottest temperatures of the Season.  Do you know where the saying comes from?   The Greeks believed that the heat

Sun Flower Power

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Summer Snacks… The Yoga Way! The Healthiest Summer Snack... Sunflower Seeds! ... New research is showing that Sunflower seeds nourish your Body, Mind and Soul... Here are some of the amazing benefits! Vitamin E - Great for Skin and Hair. Promotes healthy

Honoring Our Eldest Yoga Teacher

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We celebrate a historical moment at The American Yoga Academy.  Robert A. Diab, father of our Founder Claire Diab will be graduating December 13 as our Eldest Graduate at 87 years old!  Robert was born and raised in Bombay, India; a

Happy Independence Day!

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Freedom... Education... Union & Liberty... The Yoga Way! Do you know how The American Yoga Academy got it's name? In honor of the unique cultural mix of America's people - The American Yoga Academy represents a melting pot of the

Weekly News May 28

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SPECIAL CLASSES   Yoga Flow with Inversions with MaryAnn Gebhardt Introduction to Yoga Teacher Training Sunday May 31                 Yoga 12:15-1:15 pm – Summit Sunday May 31                 Intro 1:15-1:45 pm – Summit   WORKSHOPS   Reiki II with Carol Ann Paterson

May 13 2015

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  WORKSHOPS   Reiki I with Carol Ann Paterson Saturday May 16                                     10:30-3pm – West Orange Reiki II with Carol Ann Paterson Saturday May 30                                    10:30-3pm – West Orange Saturday June 27                                    10:30-3pm – West Orange  Chi Running

May 2015 Announcements!

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WORKSHOPS 1. Reiki I with Carol Ann Paterson Saturday May 16 10:30-3pm – West Orange 2. Reiki II with Carol Ann Paterson Saturday May 30 10:30-3pm – West Orange Saturday June 27 10:30-3pm – West Orange 3. Chi Running with

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