Preparing for the Chinese New Year

Enjoy Prosperity, Longevity, and Happiness in the Year of the Horse.



The Chinese believe that “Sweeping the Grounds” or cleaning the house before welcoming the New Year will “sweep away the bad luck.”

Sweeping The House A clean Kitchen ensures that the Kitchen God (Zao Jun), guardian of the kitchen who watches over you all year, will go back to the heavens on New Years and give the other gods a good report on your prosperity, fortune, and health.

Cleaning should take place two days before New Years.
Here are a few tips. Clean all surfaces, inside & out. This includes:

*    Counters, Cabinets and Sink
*    Refridgerator and Stove and other appliances
*    Sweep/Vacuum the Floor
*    Remove all food past its expiration date
*    Remove all cups, glasses and dishes that are chipped.

By “sweeping” the house, we hope to welcome the New Year…the Year of the a clean environment.

Preparing the Celebration for Family, Friends and The Kitchen God.
Chinese New Year’s is a wonderful time to honor your Family and Friends, especially when gathered around the dinner table surrounded by delicious food. In the Chinese culture, the number 8 represents Good Luck and Wealth. Serving or ordering 8 “Lucky” or Symbolic Foods for your Family Meal is a Beautiful way to Celebrate New Year’s Eve on January 30.

1. Tangerines and Oranges for Good Luck.

2. Dumplings or Potstickers represent Money and Prosperity.
3. Long Noodles or Linguine for a Long Life.
4. Whole Chicken represents Good Things in the Coming Year.
5. Stir Fry or Steamed Vegetables for Prosperity.
6. Long Leafy Greens and String Beans are served to Wish a Long Life.
7. Whole Fish. Yu, the Chinese word for Fish sounds like abundance.
8. Desserts. Serving Sweets such as Fruits, Chocolates, Cake or Pie, brings Sweet Life in the New Year.

The Kitchen God
In Honor of the Kitchen God hang his portrait in your kitchen on New Years Eve. Be sure to place something sweet, like honey or one of your desserts on the lips of the Kitchen God.This is sure to make his words sweet when he reports on your family to the other gods in heaven.  Click here for a photo of Zao Jun, The Kitchen God.  Print and hang in your kitchen.

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